About Us

Welcome to WhimsiKal, a wonderful world of komfy t-shirts, beanies, and kool designs for healthcare professionals from Kalamazoo to Katmandu! 

First things first. Why WhimsiKal?

The answer is simple enough. Whimsical with a ‘c’ was already taken. Adding a ‘K’ instead makes us unique – kind of like our designs.

We are longtime friends, medical professionals – nurse and occupational therapist – and a kouple of kreative kids, if you will, who take our jobs seriously but also like to have a little fun along the way.

As any veteran healthcare professional will tell you, a day filled with endless call lights, changing doctor orders, medication or treatment changes, and nonstop charting and documenting can take a toll on you. Every healthcare professional needs an outlet, so why not create something WhimsiKal to let off a little steam, spark a fun memory, remind us why we do what we do, and to showcase a little of our effervescent personalities with style?

After all, we do more than make rounds, pass meds, update charts, and sit in long, boring meetings. We lead full lives. Who knew?

Well, we did.

Don’t tell anyone but some of us have been known to enjoy a relaxing swim in the pool, hiking long trails, mountain climbing, reading, surfing, playing football, basketball, or soccer. We are world travelers, master gardeners, writers, moms, dads, favorite uncles and aunts, and everything in between. We are people, just like our beloved patients, and it’s high time we let the world know with fun logos that represent our sense of humor, express our interests, poke fun at ourselves, and put some positive energy into the world, because life on both sides of the healthcare line is hard enough. No reason to harp on it.

If you are all about work/life balance and some fun, light-hearted whimsicality, WhimsiKal is the perfect spot to get a little pick-me-up, find your tribe, and showcase your personality. Here, we cut out the middleman (No worries. We’re professionals. We know how to cover our tracks.) and pass the savings onto you. This small business is made possible by a community of wonderful people, who happen to be our dearest friends, who help us go from concept to execution. All our products are made from cotton, and of course, designed in the USA.

Ready to place your first of many orders? Contact us at support@whimsikal.com for your custom design.


  • Note to customers: Yes, we know we took creative license with the spellings but that just goes to show, we’re not afraid to think outside of the box. Now, let’s get Whimsikal!